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About us

Since 2007, SPIMOL has set the industry standard for product quality, service and value.  We pride ourselves in being a solution provider, working in collaboration with you in developing solutions with the goal of lowering costs as well as improving performance.  We recommend involving SPIMOL at the earliest stages so that we can not only help you select the optimum SPIMOL product for your application, but also to help make the critical recommendations for the interface between our product and yours.  The earlier we are brought into your design process, the more value we will be able to provide.

We are the leading global manufacturer of fruit peeling machine, slicing machine, handing equipment, bagging and weighing machine inventing cost-saving equipment. SPIMOL develops, produces and sells high-quality innovative products in the food process business. SPIMOL offers innovative, environmentally compatible solutions with the matching specialty products for food prepare, industries, and the electrical and electronic industry. The product range includes peeling machine, slicing, bagging machine, weighing machine, material handling equipment, ets. Our strength lies in offering differentiated solutions and specialty products that create added value for our customers and our company.

Make our customers happy is our business, SPIMOL always do everything to won our customer’s trust and make our customers happy. SPIMOL believe SPIMOL’s solution would enhance our customer competitiveness, as SPIMOL provides high quality innovative equipment that improve your productivity, extend the life of your products and reduce your manufacturing costs.





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Email: info@spimol.com

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