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pumpkin peeling solution

Pumpkin peeling solution

A pumpkin is a cultivar of a squash plant, most commonly of Cucurbita pepo, that is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and deep yellow to orange coloration. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. Some exceptionally large cultivars of squash with similar appearance have also been derived from Cucurbita maxima.Pumpkin is a highly nutrient-dense food. It is rich in vitamins and minerals but low in calories. Pumpkin seeds, leaves, and juices all pack a powerful nutritional punch.There are many ways pumpkin can be incorporated into desserts, soups, salads, preserves, and even as a substitute for butter.Food processing company would like to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin pulp, hanamaki,etc. while it’s very painful to remove the skin by manual, alrady 3 shift to captch up the increased demand. To cover unexpected orders, customer want to have mechanical peeling to replace hand peeling, SPIMOL PM250 can improve efficiency and reduce labor cost, no hygiene issues as manual. It can process pumpkin in wide range size like diameter 80-250 mm, height: 100-400 mm,  people need to feed pumpkin by manual, then the pumpkin will be loaded to peeling position for removing the skin by knife, and will push out to outlet by next pumpkin. Well need to be cut ends by manual to get 0 peel.

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